Sexual Harassment Prevention

Sexual Harassment Prevention & Education
Meet California’s strict legal requirements:
Subject Matter Experts of Orange County (SMEOC) employs senior level HR consultants and attorneys, authorities in sexual harassment prevention programs. Our experts use interactive training techniques that will inculcate learning and cover topics that meet the core requirements of AB 1825. Participants will leave with an improved understanding of sexual harassment prevention, proper conduct and professionalism required in today’s organizations.

Were you aware that as a company in California, you are potentially liable to an employee for a sexually hostile environment created by a manager or person in a position of authority?
Our course effortlessly informs your employees and managers about the key laws governing sexual harassment in the workplace. Its comprehensive approach explains all key concepts – harassment types as well as how to recognize, report, and prevent this costly problem.

Give your company the protection it needs against one of the most common workplace sources of lawsuits with SMEOC’s Sexual Harassment Prevention Program.
Your employee’s will be trained on topics such as how to recognize, prevent, and manage incidents of sexual harassment. Moreover, to ensure better retention, you will receive full-color copies of our Sexual Harassment documentation that provide a great reference for future use.

AB 1825 (new Government Code section 12950.1) requires that California-based employers train supervisors on sexual harassment every two years. At first glance, the statute only seems to codify what many employers are already doing. A close reading of the statute, however, reveals very specific requirements that every company must now follow.

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